About us

Professional Pest Control was established in 2017. We have treated more than 11,000 buildings in Delhi and NCR since 2011. Professional Pest Control uses the latest technology to control pests in order to provide the best service possible for clients.Professional Pest Control is committed to being the best by doing things the right way ON TIME, EVERY TIME. All Customers have to say is that Professional Pest Control staff are always polite, on time and professional.

Our Pest Control team members are perfectionists and follow strict procedures to ensure the job is done right every time. Firstly, we identify the problem, then pre-start inspections. We search for entry points and areas where the pests hide and consider reasons for the infestation. After we have worked out how to solve the problem, we contemplate the plan of attack with your pest control and hosuehold safety in mind. We openly discuss the right pest control & termite solutions for you and your family. After the job is done, we clean up the area. Majority of our services come with a full 12-month pest control guarantee, so if the event that a problem arises, we'll be there to fix it free of charge.

We also take interest in seeking out new products on the market that are effective and environment friendly so we can serve you better without compromising with your health and environment. We use Third Generation Pesticides to which pest have not become immune.



We are confident of helping all our customers develop integrated pest management programmes for their specific needs backed by the latest technology and technical know-how. We are amongst the finest companies for beetles pest control, bio pest control, budget pest control, cheap pest control, domestic pest control and much more. we focus on building a strong channel of communication between our customers and staff and to deliver a prompt and efficient service with integrity and highest standards to satisfy their needs.Driven by the mission to provide end-to-end Pest Management services, keeping cost-effectiveness and truthful engagement with clients in the core, today we are known as one-stop-solution providers for all kinds of pest-related challenges. Based in Delhi

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