Bed Bug Control


There’s a reason people warn you before going to bed. They say, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite". Bed bugs are pure parasites that feed on their host’s blood (in this case, you). Their bites can cause various health hazards such as extreme itches and skin problems.Bed bugs are small nocturnal and wingless insects that survive on human blood and other warm blooded living beings. They are reddish brown in color, oval in shape and grow up-to 4- 5 mm in size when fully grown. Under cool condition, bed bugs can survive up-to a year (even without food). They are more active during night (when the host is sleeping). Bed bugs are mostly found in mattress seams, bed sheets, quilts, furniture fabric, carpets, in electrical outlets and picture frames. Other possible places for bed bugs to hide are luggage, purses and briefcases. There are several preventive measures for bed bug control. But if the problem is severe, a professional bed bug treatment is advised.



   Important guidelines for bed bug control  - 


   Bed bugs always look for new places to hide. If you have guests visit your place frequently,  make sure that you wash     your bed linens on the hottest wash allowed for fabrics. This is an effective way of bed bug control.Bed bugs like             clutter. So remove clutter from you home so that there is no shelter for the bed bugs to breed.Second hand furniture

   can be an entry

   medium for bed bugs. Closely inspect any second hand furniture before installing it in your home.

   Put your clothes in hot water bucket with detergent or in your washing machine at hot wash setting, as soon as you       come  back home from any trip (preferably within 20-30 minutes). This is simple yet effective bed bug control     



     What is included in bed bug control service  ?


     While home remedies may work, you may still need professional bed bug treatment by

     industry experts.The process of bed bug control in home begins with the inspection of

     the property by bed bug control experts. In this inspection the bed bug control

     professional will examine the target areas like bed, mattress,furniture, linens, quilts

     etc. The professional look for the sign of bed bugs.Upon confirmation, the professional

     recommend a bed bug treatment based on the severity of then festation and customer’s


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