Rodent control services


Rodents are the most clever mammals. As per research ,their breeding rate is as high as one pair can multiply to 800 in a year. Approximately 6 mice can multiply into more than 60 mice in 3 months. They destroy, infest, contaminate more than they feed, because of their continuous “GNAWING ACTION”. If not treated by rodent pest control services, Rodent causes severe diseases like Leptospirosis, ratbite fever, Plague, Trichinosis, Salmonellosis and also food poisoning. 



                                                           Effective rodent treatment


Rodent control for your premises will be done using baiting and trapping methods. Baiting will be done by placing herbal baits within the premises. Rodent control for the external premises of the building will be carried out mainly by the baiting method. Poison baits in sealed packets containing bromodiolone will be placed at strategic places around the building.



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Our highly qualified and trained technicians will deal effectively with your problem.All our products are selected considering effectiveness, safety and environment friendliness. All work is carried out taking due care to adhere to Health and Safety legislation.We guarantee all our customers,the best quality of Pest Proofing service i.e rodent pest control at a realistic and economic price.We have the latest control technologies for Rodent control.

Without removing possible food sources and shelter resources, a trapping and bait program would be unsucessful. By using only rodent poison baits and traps on an intermittent basis to control rodents, without any attempt to control other factors these rodent populations would quickly and repeatedly rebound. Even the highest quality of rodent baits would not be able to compete well with the available foods the current rodent population is already and comfortably accustomed to feeding.


  • All rubbish piles and refuse need to be eliminated.

  • Landscaped areas need to be properly maintained with wood piles elevated off the ground.

  • All garbage containers and dumpsters should have a tight fitting cover.

  • Rodents can live on the spilled and surplus food from bird feeders and pet food.

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