Termite control and their management is multifarious science in the scope of which embraces various type of solution. Termline Pest Management offers unconditionally the best termite control services in this region our continuous services consist of constant inspection and solution whenever necessary.Termline has managed by a veteran team of professionals who has guiding the company throughout years. Our goal today is the same as when we began i.e. serving to nation, customer satisfaction and always striving to deliver a best possible solution wherever possible.



Facts of Termites : -


  • Wooden structure is a potential target.
  • Termite do more damage than fire and storm combined.
  • Termites are social insects forming small and large colonies.
  • Termites are a natural part of the environment.
  • On an average, Termite Live in every third property.



Our Services :-  


  •    On an average, Termite Live in every third property.
  •    Network uniformly spreads the pesticides in the soil.
  •    The Network is laid under the floor, inside and outside the building.
  •    Consists of Intelligent Network of Joint less pipes.

Termites For Homes : -  Post Construction Anti Termite Treatments 

Termites pose the greatest threat to timber, building and all structures through-out the world. They bore galleries wood and forage for food. Breaking contact between the soil and wood content of the building is the primary method of combating termites. 

Termite Treatment for Office :-    Post Construction Anti Termite Treatments


In many office structures, damages is not only limited to timber but also to wall covering or building contents made of cellulose. Though they have no food value, he termites chew these materials to reach wood and allied cellulose materials. 


Types of Termite Treatment